What I’m Currently Loving

It’s that time again! Time for me to tell you ✨What I’m Currently Loving!✨ What makes today’s post special is that this post is dedicated specifically to beauty. Not just external beauty but also internal beauty and a few of my favorite products to help support that! 

In honor of What I’m Current Loving making a cute little comeback I think it’s appropriate Coco’s Couch and Designer Dupes to make an appearance sometime very soon so stay tuned beauties! 

But now, let’s get into the first What I’m Currently Loving of 2022!

Toner, toner, toner! Honestly, toner is one of those skincare steps you sometimes forget about but is SO important! It’s crazy to start incorporating toner into your skincare routine because you always think your cleanser is cleaning your skin 100% but that’s not always the case, sometimes toner will remove a little extra makeup or just some extra oils from your face that your cleanser didn’t. Sometimes you may also find that you need a mid-day refresh and these toners are perfect for that too!

Humphreys Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toners

Let’s talk oral health! I recently have started to take my oral care routine more seriously and the way I was truly able to notice a difference was when I tacked on my oral care routine onto my skincare routine. So while I’m applying my moisturizer, I am also am working on my oral care routine. We love a multi-tasker✨
I cannot stress enough how important your oral health is and these products from Dr. Tungs make it so easy to create a routine for yourself! This starter kit includes everything you would need minus the toothbrush and if you are in need of one, they carry those too!

Dr. Tung’s Innovative Oral Care Starter Kit

Let me emphasize, it’s never too early to start using anti-aging products! I have been loving the LL Regeneration System from Annemarie Borlind because they make it so easy to start to incorporate these types of products into your routine. Here are some products I have started to incorporate into my morning routine! A simple cleanser, dew gel, and day cream! 

Annemarie Borlind Natural Beauty LL Regeration System Vitality

&here are some products I have started to incorporate into my nighttime routine! A simple cleanser, night cream, and eye cream! Whether you are interested in totally switching up your skincare routine or adding in a product or two at a time, Annemarie Borlind Natural Beauty LL Regeneration System Vitality is a great place to start! A huge plus of using these products is that they are all plant-based and cruelty-free! 

Annemarie Borlind Natural Beauty LL Regeration System Vitality

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