Whether you randomly stumbled upon Keeping Up With Coco or have been a follower for a while, I would like to welcome you and thank you for stopping by! I have been secretly working behind the scenes for months on a full relaunch and am so excited to finally be live! I want to take this opportunity to share some important links and pages you will find on Keeping Up With Coco and also share some frequently asked questions.

Q: Why Keeping Up With Coco?

A: So many different factors went into this one! My name is Nicole but since 2nd grade, I have gone by Nickki. I always knew Nicole’s had two nickname choices, it was Nickki or Coco. I am a true Nickki and definitely identify with Nickki more than Coco when it comes to my everyday life but not in the blogging world! I wanted to show the blogging world a different side of me and decided I wanted Coco somehow involved. I am also obsessed with reality tv, especially Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I mixed the two and it just worked! And that is the story on how Keeping Up With Coco was born!

Q: How did you build your following?

A: There’s no exact formula for growing an audience, even though I wish there was. I try to provide original content, and truly love everything that I share on my blog and social media.

Q: What camera and editing apps do you use?

A: I use my iPhone 11 Pro 99.9% of the time. When it comes to editing I love Facetune 2, VSCO, Lightroom, and Snapseed.

Q: Can we collaborate?

A: Absolutely! Email me at kuwcoco1@gmail.com and let’s chat!

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