Support Your New Year’s Resolutions with Naked Nutrition

Every year as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, people get caught up in all of the excitement of another new year and think up different ways they can better themselves. Before you start listing off ways you think you can better yourself, it may be a good idea to define exactly what the word “better” means to you.

As it’s now February, it’s time to continue to support those New Year’s Resolutions! If you made any kind of health-related goal or resolution, I’ve got just the thing to help! Meet Naked Nutrition! I am super excited to be partnering with Naked Nutrition and to share all the ways the Naked Nutrition Naked Shake has helped me achieve and continue to support my New Year’s Resolutions!

Did you notice I said achieve? Yes, I’ve already started to achieve some of my New Year’s Resolutions I created a little over a month ago with the help of Naked Shake! Chocolate Naked Shake is able to satisfy my chocolate craving and increase my protein intake. The first ingredient is pea protein which is one of the best plant protein sources when it comes to maintaining or building lean muscle.

Each serving of Naked Shake delivers 20 grams of protein and healthy fats in the form of MCT oil. Both protein and MCT oil help support a healthy weight by keeping you satiated for longer which was ultimately key for me.

I am guilty of being a snacker and will never deny any kind of snack, ever! With that being said, I finally feel like I’ve found a protein powder that actually helps me feel full aka fewer snacks for Coco. Not to mention all of the calories I am saving by having one shake instead of 2-3 snacks.

As some of you may know I like to keep everything basic, my makeup, wardrobe, and all the food I eat. I love to pair Naked Shake with my favorite nut milk, lately, I have been reaching for oat milk the most. I simply add two scoops into my oat milk or any milk of choice and I’m done. Yes, it’s that simple!

If you are feeling fancy you can use a blender but a shaker bottle IMO is much more convenient and makes my life 10x easier! Just pop your two scoops in, add your liquid of choice and shake! If you are feeling EXTRA fancy, Naked Nutrition makes an incredible Powdered Peanut Butter and I dare you, name a better duo than chocolate and peanut butter! You simply cannot.

Basically what I’m saying here is it’s time for you to get on the Naked Nutrition train! Even if you are not looking to lose weight or build muscle, this vegan protein powder is truly delicious and is a product I have been using for years. Protein is something everyone should have in their diet so adding it in a yummy way is never a bad idea if you ask me!

Thanks again to Naked Nutrition for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this post!

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