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Welcome to Coco’s Couch! Let’s go back to 2013, Bravo aired the first episode of The People’s Couch and I was hooked! What a fun idea, everyday people watching all of the shows I did, providing funny commentary, and being on tv. Talk about a dream job!

After four great seasons, The People’s Couch ended in 2016. Up until recently, nothing had ever replaced it. Now we have 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk and Celebrity Watch Party. Both of these shows have become part of my weekly watch list and I enjoy every second! Celebrity Watch Party recently ended leaving me with one show left, 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk. Don’t get me wrong Pillow Talk is great but Celebrity Watch Party was the best. Now that I am having to fill this void I would like to welcome you to Coco’s Couch.

Week of July 26 – August 1

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

Below Deck Mediterranean

90 Day Fiance The Other Way

The Challenge Behind the Total Madness

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

**Spoilers Ahead**

As you can very clearly see, I love tv! Obsessed would be the appropriate term here. Let’s jump right into what I watched this week and some extra drama that I got wind of on Friday night.

90 Day Fiance, in general, is such a trainwreck but I cannot look away. I watch three hours of 90 Day Fiance plus two hours of Pillow Talk every single week. Talk about commitment. I really want to touch on one very important couple, Colt and Deb, wait, is the couple Colt and Jess? Regardless of who is actually in love here, I would like to formally start a petition for Colt and Debbie to be on Smothered instead of 90 Day. How amazing would it be to see a mother and son duo on Smothered?

Below Deck is one of my favorite Bravo shows and this season is really up high on my list when it comes to my favorite seasons. It seems quite convenient that Malia’s boyfriend who is also a yacht chef is coming to visit at the exact time Kiko the current chef may be losing his job. I also hate the editing on Hannah this season and have a feeling she will be out within a few episodes. It is very clear to me that Captain Sandy wants Kiko and Hannah gone and Bugsy and Malia’s boyfriend Tom in. We shall see! BTW, nachos are delicious. Stop hating.

I am so bummed that The Challenge is over for this season! I was hoping to at least get a two or three-part reunion but I guess not. These behind the scenes episodes are usually pretty boring in my book. The only reason I watched this one was because literally, nothing else is on tv right now. I was cracking up over Big T and Melissa who I pray come back for upcoming seasons!

Bravo, Bravo, F***ing Bravo. You know it’s Real Housewives night when you hear that. Rather than discussing a storyline that has been overworked, over talked about and BORING just like Teddi, and Erika let’s discuss my ideal RHOBH cast. Hear me out, Garcelle Beauvais, Dorit Kemsley, Denise Richards, Sutton Stracke, Kim Richards, and Eileen Davidson. GOODBYE KYLE.

Let’s get into the Bachelor Nation tea that I heard about on Friday night!

As most of you know, Clare Crawley has been selected to be the newest Bachelorette. Clare and 42 men were quarantined at La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs and recently began her season. From what I heard Clare was giving production an extremely hard time and ultimately decided to leave because she had fallen in love with contestant Dale Moss. It seems hard to believe she would be able to get out of her ABC Bachelorette contract but she must have given everyone at ABC absolute hell. It is now rumored that Tayshia Adams who first appeared on Colton Underwood’s season has replaced Clare and is our new Bachelorette! I personally think that Tayshia was always an option because what if Clare got sick, would they really postpone the season that much more? Did they have a backup Bachelorette? All will be confirmed or denied very soon!

What do you think, should Coco’s Couch become a mini-series on my blog? Let me know, and, definitely let me know if you have any tv recommendations or suggestions!

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