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Hey, Beauties! I love sharing things I have been loving lately. As you know, I can’t keep these things to myself, that would just be selfish! I have covered everything from the dreaded maskne to CBD to chocolate and everything in between. Unlike my last Currently Loving I went really in-depth! Rather than just sharing my favorites I shared why they are on this list and how they have helped me.


I, unfortunately, have been dealing with maskne (mask acne) on top of my already super sensitive acne-prone skin. The BalmLabs ClearBalm system and KitavaMD kit have been lifesavers when it comes to topical products. The BalmLabs system includes a gentle foam cleanser, power elixir with CBD, and serum hydrator with niacinamide and CBD. The KitavaMD kit includes acne cleansing gel with salicylic acid, soothing facial cream with niacinamide, and tea tree spot treatment. Every day my skin has a different need and both of these bundles have me completely covered, they include everything my skin could ever need. Sometimes my skin needs a little extra loving and this brings me to my new best friend, the SevenSkin Beauty Touch Activated LED Mask. This mask has seven different LED light settings and I use the blue light setting once a week. It helps to kill acne-causing bacteria, regulate oil production, calm redness and inflammation, and improve congested skin. I also love that when using this I literally cannot do anything else, it’s a great excuse for some me time!


I already covered acne but there is so much more to skincare than just acne treatments. Hear Me Raw makes some of my favorite face masks and the Clarifier just so happens to help clarify your skin. It’s also a two in one product and can be used as a spot treatment which I love! Absolutely everyone in the world needs a good pair of tweezers, and my favorite is Regine Tweezers. These are handmade in Switzerland and have the perfect precision tip. Frank Body A-Beauty Scrub has become a staple in my shower routine. It’s a brightening exfoliating scrub and makes the biggest difference on bumpy and rough skin.


As some of you may know CBD has become one of my favorite ingredients, I actually had an entire section of my holiday gift guide from last year dedicated to products with CBD. So many different products now incorporate CBD and these are some of my favorites.


Haircare is a topic I rarely cover on Keeping Up With Coco and it’s probably due to the fact that 99.9% of the time my hair ends up in a topknot. More recently I have been switching things up when it comes to my hair. Hence this amazing claw clip from GSQ by GlamSquad! I have been wearing my hair down quite a lot and just taking care of it more than I ever did before. I wash my hair twice a week and alternate between Pureology Volume Shampoo & Conditioner and Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair has never been healthier and I can definitely see a huge difference.


I have become pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty products lately. I haven’t put on a full face of makeup in months! I still like to put some lip liner and lipgloss on for video calls and have been reaching for the RealHer Lip Kit, I actually keep it at my desk for those impromptu video calls. The Babe Lash Essential Serum has helped my lashes grow SO much. I apply this serum every night and am so pleased with my results! This LastObject LastSwab is actually what I use along with the Babe Lash serum. I always like to clean up around the eye area after using any serum or product, for the longest time I was using a q-tip every time I did this. Now I use my LastSwab which is a reusable, sustainable, and sanitary alternative to your average q-tip!

Blue Light Glasses

Let’s talk blue light glasses! Since I am spending way more time looking at my tv, computer, and phone screens I have really gotten into blue light glasses and the effects blue light can have on your eyes. I have always been someone who has gotten digital eye strain but never did anything about it. Then work from home started and I spend all day looking at different screens. I now have a pair of blue light glasses in every room and these are my favorite three! allows you to customize the strength which is perfect for anyone who has a prescription. They have so many different computer readers in tons of fun colors! Blue Light Blockers NZ are super trendy and affordable. I absolutely adore these clear square frames from them. I have been on the search for the perfect square frame and finally found them! PS they are currently on sale! Gumption Glasses has the coolest try-on feature on their website, you can see exactly how you will look in the glasses before you purchase. I found The Champion to be most flattering on my face and let me tell you, I look good in them!


You’ve made it to the yummiest part of this post! These goodies are all the snacks I have been reaching for, maybe a little more than I’d like to admit. I have you covered for sweet, savory, salty, and chocolatey. What more could you need?

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